Bob Ross happy tree man

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Bob Ross, the funny, mellow, painting legend, taught us about art and life. He taught us that, "we don't make mistakes, we just have happy accidents." Most importantly, Bob taught us to be happy. Make yourself happy and wear these yellow novelty dress socks as part of your everyday casual, business casual, or formal attire for a humorous touch. Made from soft, combed cotton, these colorful tube socks feature Bob's face with pictures of trees and "Happy Tree" speech bubbles. Get a pair for yourself, then give a pair as a gift to friends ("Everyone needs a friend") or family who still enjoy Bob's philosophy and art program. Comfortable novelty Bob Ross socks fit most mens shoe size 8-13. Bob once said, "People might look at you a bit funny, but it's okay. Artists are allowed to be a bit different." Don't settle for boring, plain crew socks. Be different and get your Happy Tree socks today.