Jeff Roysdon art journal

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Jeff Roysdon creates art at a community-based art program in San Francisco, Hospitality House. Hospitality House helps him obtain supplies, inspiration, and gives him motivation to participate in a community. Jeff lives with anxiety and depression, describing, “I am rarely able to leave the house due to my struggles, so I make the best of it by drawing. I make art for the feeling of accomplishment, the positive feedback, and to help manage my anxiety."

Jeff is enthusiastic about participating in ArtLifting, as it is a chance for him to share himself with the world through his talents and love for vibrant design and color. He has not had the chance to show his art to people very often, and as a result has had few opportunities for art shows. He hopes that his participation with ArtLifting will result in higher self-esteem, the motivation to continue creating art, and an increased ability to purchase art supplies.